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Dali Datong Trail – Hualien Adventures

Remote indigenous villages in Taroko National Park

Want to escape from hustle and bustle of city and experience the life close to nature?

On Dali Datong Trail you can visit two remote villages that are home to Taiwanese indigenous people in the mountains of Taroko National Park. Datong and Dali are both located at over 900 meters in altitude and therefore you are able to experience the life completely without electricity and modern inventions such as cell phone and refrigerator. Villages are reachable only by foot! After a day’s hiking in beautiful surroundings you can settle down in one of the small B&Bs or pitch your tent and fall asleep under the stars.

The inconvenient access and lack of electricity also make these villages perfect destinations for real eco-tourism. Air conditioners are replaced by the cooling mountain breeze, and televisions by the pleasant sounds of nature. The spring water tastes better than tap water, and stars are brighter without the city light pollution. In addition to experiencing the aboriginal lifestyle in the mountains, tasting local vegetables is a blessing.

If you love nature and want to experience simple life, Dali Datong Trail will be an unforgettable experience!





Total Distance:

Approximately 22–30km (depending on the route you choose)

Total Time:

2 days (1 day is possible but only for avid hikers with good fitness level).


Catching Sunrise at Mt. Liwu on the second day. Meeting local aborigines.


There is a wide range of wildlife in the park, including 34 species of mammals unique to Taiwan such as the Taiwanese black bear, Formosan Rock Monkey, wild boar, and barking deer, as well as 144 species of birds. Around half of the mammal and butterfly species and roughly 90% of the bird species on Taiwan can be found in Taroko.


Mountain entry permit required. You can apply for the permit at the police station near the visitor center on the day of hike. Remember to bring your passport!