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Cycling – Hualien Adventures


With 3000 kilometers of beautiful scenery and great roads to explore and friendly people waiting to greet you along the way, cycling is an excellent way to explore Taiwan.

Taiwan has an incredible cycling-related infrastructure making it suitable for cyclists of all experience levels. The island features numerous bicycle lanes, bike shops, rest stops for cyclists, cycling events, and possibilities to do everything from day trips to month-long tours around the entire island. If you’re looking for cycling adventure then, you could make no better choice than to cycle in Taiwan.

Come have a look. You’ll see what we mean.


You can cycle almost anywhere in Taiwan, but the best choice for cyclists without much long-distance experience will be a 3-day trip from Hualien to Taitung. On that route you can enjoy the amazing coastline, Taiwan’s ridgeline, and relaxing hot springs in between. The trip requires roughly 60 kilometers of riding per day and runs a total distance of 170 kilometers.

For cyclists looking for a more challenging ride, the best option is the Taiwan King of The Mountain Challenge route, which starts from Hualien’s Qixingtan beach, passes through spectacular Taroko Gorge, and climbs to Taiwan’s highest passable road, the Wuling Pass (3275 meters). This 105 km route tests even the world’s most elite riders and offers some of the best views of Taiwan’s gorgeous mountains.


Experience amazing coastline and stunning mountains in one trip!


Let’s ride to the top of the mountain!



⦁ It’s possible to transfer your luggage to your final destination if you have too much. Check our blog post for more details.

⦁ It’s also possible to transfer your bike by train if you get too tired or are forced to end the trip earlier than expected.  Check our blog post for more details.

⦁ Take appropriate precautions if you’re planning on riding during the summer.

⦁ Try to start cycling as early as possible to enjoy the cool morning breeze and take a break from the heat at noon.

⦁ Choose your route carefully. Check our detailed info page for more suggestions.


You do not need any permits.


The price of bicycle rental ranges from $300 to $500 a day and changes based on things like location of rental, quality of the bike, and the number of days you wish to rent. You can rent and return the bicycle in different locations for an additional fee.

You will also need accommodation. Hostels along the way cost average $400–$600, but hostels with hot springs will charge around $700~$800 including a visit to the hot spring and breakfast.


⦁ Spend 10 minutes taking care of your bicycle every day after cycling in order to prevent mechanical problems. You can find more information about doing so here:


⦁ Learn how to fix the flat tire to make the trip safer.


⦁ Don’t forget to stretch before and after your ride or alternatively find a hot spring to relax!