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Kayaking – Hualien Adventures

The east coast of Taiwan is formed by the collision of the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate over hundreds of millions years, thus forming the cliff rise directly out of the sea. The tallest part on average is at about 800 meters, and the tallest peak, Qingshui Mountain (清水山), rises 2408 meters from the ocean floor.

The spectacular mountains rising vertically out of the ocean are only part of the allure of this area though as the color tones in the water are also quite special. The calm, sparking waters below Quingsui Cliff display in a calming gradient of blues, from navy blue to emerald green.

When the Portuguese came to Taiwan, they saw the Qingshui cliff from the sea and exclaimed “Fuermosha!” (Beautiful!). Today people can appreciate the views of Quingsui Cliff from the sea via kayaking as the Portuguese did hundreds of years ago.

At sea, paddlers are able to see the world from an entirely different angle. On land, you can only travel where there are roads, but in the ocean you can go in whichever direction you want to at your own pace. Many people previously afraid of the sea come to discover a new calming reassurance on the Quingsui shores.

Accompanied by a guide, you can wade out past the breakers and hop into a kayak. From here you can paddle out to the calm sea and marvel at the natural beauty of Quingsui cliff. If you are lucky our marine friends will come out of hiding to say “Ni Hao!” (Hello!). When it’s all over, you will return home physically exhausted but spiritually rejuvenated.


⦁ MAY to SEPTEMBER – QingShiu Cliff (details coming soon)


Go with an appropriately qualified guide who you can trust.

⦁ Do not take anything valuable with you that you can’t fasten to yourself – or that isn’t waterproof.

⦁ Things to bring

  1. A bathing suit or quick dry clothes. Avoid cotton shirts or jeans.
  2. Wear water shoes as you will have to walk on rocky beaches. Don’t wear flip-fops.
  3. Sunglasses, hat, and sun-block to avoid sun burn.
  4. Drinking water and snacks.
  5. Towel and dry clothes to change into afterwards.
  6. Pills to prevent motion sickness.


No permit needed.


⦁ Please make sure you’re fit enough for the voyage on the ocean.

⦁ Take necessary pills to prevent motion sickness 30 minutes before if you think you might get sick.

⦁ Go to bed as early as you can the night before kayaking, and don’t drink any alcohol.

⦁ The waves sometimes can change rapidly. For safety reasons, the instructor might end the trip earlier than expected if the current gets too strong.

⦁ Leave not trace for a better future.


Kayaking to Qingshui Cliff for sunrise costs NT$ 2,300 including pick-up service, extra charge ($1200 for 2 persons) for English Speaking service . Pick-up time is usually about 3:30AM and drop off before 9:00AM in summer time.