Liqin Waterfall – exciting hike through abandoned tunnels to an amazing waterfall

Liqin Waterfall is not located very deep inside Taroko park but still requires moderate river tracing and climbing skills. Challenge yourself by climbing up to the waterfall while beating the summer heat.


You can take the bus to Taroko, get off at Shakadang bus stop and walk 2.4 km to Ningan Bridge. Remember to check the Hualien bus schedule before leaving.

If you go on your own car or bicycle, you can park it by the bridge.


⦁ There is no clear path in this river trekking route, so make sure your path finding skills are good. Also, be sure that you’re prepared to climb up the waterfalls, or make sure to hire a qualified guide if you’re not experienced.

⦁ Do not bring any valuables since they can get wet.

⦁ Bring a flashlight.

⦁ It is highly recommended to have river trekking shoes and to wear a helmet since the route can get very slippery at some points.


  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Flashlight
  • Swimming suit
  • Towel
  • Dry clothes
  • River trekking shoes (a must)
  • Life jacket (a must)
  • Helmet (a must)
  • Ropes
  • Waterproof bag
  • Each person needs to prepare equipment and safety gear according to the conditions and their own abilities.


River trekking has certain level of risk. There are occasional accidents in river trekking; risks that should be prepared for include the following:

⦁ Flash flooding poses a serious danger. Sudden changes in weather, like rainstorms, can cause rapid rises in the level and speed of the river water.

⦁ Visibility can be limited by rainy or misty weather. Low visibility may come in too quickly for trekkers to adapt to. Therefore, a torch (flashlight), preferably a head-mounted one, is a must for river trekking.

⦁ Steep cliffs inside river valleys require a certain level of rock-climbing skills. However, because of the humid environment inside river valleys, some rock surfaces can be wet, and some rocks may be loose despite appearing firm. To deal with wet climbing conditions, professional river-trekking shoes are strongly advised.

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