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Lushui Wenshan Trail

Lushui Wenshan Trail – A hidden treasure. Feeling relaxed in the wild hot spring after an intensive hiking day. Check our public GPS track on-line There is public transportation available from Hualien city all the way to Lushui. Take the Taroko line #1133A from Hualien bus station and get off at Lushui stop. The trailhead … Continue reading Lushui Wenshan Trail

Zhuilu Old Trail

Zhuilu Old Trail – a hike that offers the greatest possible view over Taroko Gorge This path was once a popular multi-day hiking trail among the public until 1945 when the Japanese were defeated. Since the establishment of Taroko National Park in 1986, this part of the path was named Zhuilu Old Trail because the … Continue reading Zhuilu Old Trail

Hehuan Peaks

Hehuanshan Main Peak – the best place to catch the sunrise With only about a kilometer long hike to the top, Hehuanshan Main Peak is probably the easiest hike of all the peaks. The Main Peak seems to be at its best very early in the morning when the sun is rising, and it’s still … Continue reading Hehuan Peaks

Dali Datong Trail

DAY 1: From Visitor Center to Mount Liwu Check our public GPS track on-line The hiking trail begins right behind the Taroko Visitor center. Before entering the trail, you need to apply for a mountain permit in Taroko Police Station that is 100 meters away from trailhead. The process is quite easy since all you … Continue reading Dali Datong Trail