Want to go somewhere to relax after your adventures? You can stay in Hulien City for the delicious food in the night market or walk around in Cultural Creative Park to find some hand-made crafts that you can take home as souvenirs. There are also some places inside Taroko National Park worth paying a visit even you have been to more challenging hiking trails. The views there are simply magnificent and worth a look. Visit the beautiful rice terraces in East Rift Valley where you will feel the refreshing breeze from the mountains.  Alternatively, the Coastline of Hualien can relieve you from the tiredness of travelling as well. Book a room for a night or two, and the slow pace of life there will make you think twice about leaving..

If you happen to visit Taiwan in August and September, head to Sixty-Stone and the Chike Mountains, where Day Lily flowers turn the mountain side into a big fluffy orange carpet that offers a lovely respite from the summer heat.

Hualien offers no shortage of breathtaking scenery and opportunities to rest your weary muscles. Come have a look!

Get closer to the Taiwanese culture, food, and friendly locals!


Marvel at the spectacular gorge and the rapid river cutting through!


Experience amazing ocean views and the slow pace of life.


A stunning green valley of rice fields between mountains.