Sanzhan North Creek

An easy river trek to a deep blue pool

River tracing is probably one of the most thrilling and exciting activities in Hualien, but you don’t always need expensive guided tours to experience the beauty of river in the area. Sanzhan North Creek is an easy and beautiful river trekking route for all who want to experience the river without too much effort. The trail head is located only 15 km from Hualien City and is easily accessible by bicycle.

The river trekking route goes first through forest along the riverbank before descending into the river. The whole trip takes about 3~4 hours, and lunch is included. While it’s possible to go there by yourself with no gear, it is still recommended to wear a helmet and river trekking shoes at all times.

In Sanzhan North Creek you can spend a relaxing day by a natural pool mixed with a decent amount of exercise. This route offers a river trekking experience for all abilities!





Total Distance:

1,6 km one way

Total Time:

4 hours round trip


Reaching the pool after an hour of river trekking. Enjoying the view and wildlife.