Emerald (Feicui) Valley

A river trekking route for beginners

Feicui, or Emerald Valley, is located about 15 kilometers south from Hualien City so it’s very easy to cycle or ride there on a scooter. This river is extremely popular among locals and tourists since the route is quite easy, requires no permits to enter, and the place is still quite untouched.

While some other secret gems require lots of effort and equipment to get to, Emerald Valley is surprisingly accessible. It’s not every day you come across untouched rock pools and a waterfall just meters away from road. The Emerald Valley river trek is suitable for almost everyone since the hardest part you have to do is cross the river once. If you want more challenge, you can always climb across the river instead of just crossing it.





Total Distance:

1,2 km from the trail head to waterfall.

Total Time:

about 1,5 hour round trip


Reaching the small waterfall and jumping in the cool clear water.