Zhuilu Old Trail

A scenic path on the edge of a stunning gorge

Zhuilu Old Trail is a historical path from the Japanese era. It’s the oldest and probably the most popular trail in Taroko National Park. It goes winding through a lush wet forest all the way up to cliffs offering a beautiful birds-eye view over the gorge. The vertical cliffs and sheer drop-offs along the way make this route incomparable. Imagine yourself looking down from the top of Taipei 101, but instead of cityscape there is a beautiful marble gorge beneath you. The 500-meter-long cliff-side path at the top is only 90 cm wide, but there are ropes you can hold on to so you remain safe and secure as you cross. Zhuilu Old Trail is arguably one of the most spectacular hikes in Taiwan! It’s so worth it!

The hike is only 3.1 kilometers long one way, but it’s mostly up hill. It consists of lots of stairs and a couple of rocky slopes. There are also some beautiful suspension bridges and remains of an old Japanese outpost along the way. On Zhuilu Old Trail you can enjoy great views and at the same time learn about aboriginals and the history of Taiwan. It is suitable for everyone with an average fitness level.

Are you ready for one of the greatest hiking experience of a lifetime?





Total Distance:

6,2 km

Total Time:

4-5 hours round-trip


Reaching the cliff outpost with breathtaking view over the gorge.


Park entry permit and mountain entry permit.