Walami Trail

an easy hiking path with lots of wildlife

Located in Yushan National Park, Walami Trail allows the hiker to experience lovely waterfalls, green forest, and several suspension bridges along the way. Either with an easy half-day hike or more challenging two-day hike of 14 kilometers (one way), it would offer you a great experience in the nature of Eastern Taiwan. Walami Trail is perfect for those who would like to enjoy a pleasant and flat hiking path, which winds deep into the heart of the jungle, where the air is filled with the scent of greenery and the sounds of nature.

Walami Trail is quite shady, and due to that it’s pretty cool even during summertime. In the winter, most leaves turn yellow and red, giving the entire landscape a beautiful color. On Walami Trail, you are also very likely to spot variety of wildlife. There are always Formosan Rock Monkeys crashing through the trees, some Taiwanese Blue pheasants lurking in between ferns, Yellow Throated Martens running around the trails and tiny Barking Deer yelping in the forest. Occasionally, you can even catch sight of a Formosan Black Bear wondering by the river bank!

Plunge into a beautiful subtropical jungle and immerse yourself in the lush world of Taiwan’s great outdoors!





Total Distance:

28 km round trip

Total Time:

2 days 1 night


Enjoying the nature and wildlife. Spending a night in Walami Cabin.


Park entry permit and mountain entry permit.