Lushui Wenshan Trail

Experience lush subtropical forest in Taroko National Park

Lushui Wenshan Trail would be another Taroko’s best day hike after Zhuilu Old Trail, a superb four- to five-hour tramp through subtropical forests with grand sweeping views down the peak-studded gorge. With few hikers about, you stand a good chance of seeing wildlife, including monkeys, barking deer, squirrels and various pheasants.

This path allows the hikers to experience lovely waterfalls, green forest, and several suspension bridges along the way. Lushui Wenshan Trail is perfect for those who would like to venture into the heart of subtropical jungle and who would also like to learn a bit about the history of Eastern Taiwan.

Lushui Wenshan Trail is quite shady, and due to that it’s pretty cool even during summertime. End of the hike there is a wild hot spring awaiting; you can feel the total relaxation in the hot pool after an intensive hiking day.





Total Distance:

5.5 km one way. You can enter from the trail head at either Lushui or Wenshan and then come out from another side.

Total Time:

4 to 5 hours


Experience lush subtropical forest and then relax in the WenShan Hot Spring after the hike.


There is a wide range of wildlife in the park, including 34 species of mammals unique to Taiwan such as the Taiwanese black bear, Formosan Rock Monkey, wild boar, and barking deer, as well as 144 species of birds. Around half of the mammal and butterfly species and roughly 90% of the bird species on Taiwan can be found in Taroko.


Montain Entry Permit is required to enter this trail.