KOM – King of Mountain Challenge

Let’s ride to the top of the mountain!

The King of Mountain Challenge is arguably the most challenging cycling route in Taiwan. Riders climb from the Qixingtan beach area through the deep and stunning Taroko Gorge up to Wuling, the highest passable point in Taiwan. The well-paved route goes from sea level up to 3,275 meters of altitude. It takes cyclists to a ride through breath-taking mountain roads and several climate zones until arriving in temperatures usually 20 ˚c less than in the city. In summertime, the temperature is about 15 ˚c and in wintertime it could be below 0 ˚c and will feel even colder when it’s cloudy or windy.

This 105 km route would be a test even for the world’s most elite riders. The gradient average remains a steady 7% until the last eight kilometers when the gradient could be as much as 27% in places. The view that opens up as you ride offers a bird’s eye view over the enchanting mountainous landscape that rivals anything you’d see somewhere else. This truly exceptional route is one of the greatest bicycle climbs in the world. Are you ready to accept the challenge?





Total Distance:

105 km

Total Time:

2-day trip recommended. 1-day trip is possible if you’re fit enough.


Max. 3275 m


Catching the top on the second day. See amazing mountain-views along the way and the foggy clouds beneath you.