How to take your bicycle on the train?


Cycling around Taiwan is a very convenient and rewarding mode of transportation. Even when you don’t feel like pedaling, moving from one place to another is made quite easy by Taiwanese Railways Administration, allowing you to carry your bicycle with you on a train. Bicycle transportation services allow people to access those places that might be too far for a day ride.

Some of the local trains and Chu-Kuang Express trains allow you to travel with your bicycle on board. Fares are charged based on the “one bicycle equals one person" principle. You would need to purchase 2 tickets to take a bicycle on board, one for the passenger at full price, and the other one for the bicycle at half price.


It might not be easy to find any additional information about putting bikes on trains if you don’t speak the local language. To assist with that, here is a basic guide for bike transportation in Taiwan. The information below may be subject to change so please check with the TRA before making reservations!

1. Go to website:

2. Choose 自行車種類 (Type of bicycles) 折疊式 (Folding bikes) / 非折疊式 (Non-folding bikes) / 折疊式以及非折疊式 (Folding bikes and Non-folding bikes)

3. 起程站 (Choose your departure station)

4. 到達站 (Choose your destination)

5. 乘車日期 (Date)

6. 乘車時間 (Choose the time of departure)

7. 開始查詢 (Search)

For example, for checking trains running from Taitung to Hualien, you will get the below results;

Explanation of the icons;

Local Train / Bike and Passenger Together Train. You can bring the bicycles onto the train with you.

Luggage Car Delivery. You will need to transport the bicycle in a separate carriage.

Overnight Train.

The train runs daily.

There will be 4 trains available from Taitung to Hualien as listed above, and sometimes there may be more options as well. It’s suggested to make a reservation 3 days ahead if you have a tight schedule. Otherwise, you can just go to the train station on the day of departure and check for the availability.


⦁ Due to the limited space, the number of bikes allowed is limited (8 passengers and 8 bikes on local trains). Make sure to make a reservation at the train station 3 days before your departure date. If you want to purchase the ticket on the same day, make sure you arrive the train station at least 30 minutes before the departure time.

⦁ Only the first and the last carriage allow you to bring the bicycle onto the local train. Bring a rope to fasten your bike onto the pole so that you can take a rest and enjoy the view along the way.

⦁ Not all the train stations along the way allow bikes to get on and off. Remember to check your departure and arrival stations.

⦁ Stations that allow bikes to get on and off train on Hualien route;
和平Heping, 新城 Xincheng, 花蓮 Hualien, 吉安 Ji-an, 壽豐 Shoufeng, 鳳林Fenglin, 光復 Guanghou, 瑞穗 Ruisui, 玉里 Yuli, 池上 Chishang , 關山 Guanshang, 臺東 Taitung, 知本 Zhiben, 太麻里 Taimali


On Bike & Passenger Together Trains, bike owners are seated in the same car, and their bikes will be secured in racks. Each train offers 15 seats for cyclists and 15 spaces for bicycles. For details of the trains see below:

Train #72 / Eastern Line-South Bond Shulin to Taitung (05:49~11:55) / Runs on Saturdays only.

Train #616 / Eastern Line-South Bond Shulin to Taitung (23:51 ~05:05) / Runs on Friday nights only.

Train #73 / Eastern Line-North Bond Taitung to Shulin (15:36~22:02) / Runs on Sundays only.

Train #655 / Eastern Line-North Bond Taitung to Shulin (23:30~05:40) / Runs on Sunday nights only.

Train #708 / South-link Line Taitung to Xinzuoying (17:52~21:45) / Runs on Fridays and Sundays.

Train #706 / South-link Line Taitng to Xinzuoying (14:08~17:23) / Runs daily except Fridays and Sundays.

Train #701 / South-link Line Xinzuoying to Taitung (06:16~09:55) / Runs daily.


⦁ Go to the TRA website: and book online. Reservations can be made up to 14 days before departure.

Bicycle and passenger tickets must be purchased together.

⦁ Once reservation is made, you must go to train station to get your tickets within 2 days. The staff will sell you tickets according to your reservation. Bike & Passenger Together Trains can be reserved online but cannot be paid online. The reserved tickets cannot be purchased at post offices or automatic ticket vending machines.

⦁ On Bike & Passenger Together Trains, bike owners are seated in the car where their bikes are. There are only a few Chu-Kuang Trains that provide this service. Each train offers 15 seats for cyclists and 15 spaces for bicycles.

Taipei Train Station does not permit un-bagged bikes to get on and off trains. Therefore, tickets for Bike & Passenger Together Trains departing from Taipei station are not available.


Shipping bikes or your luggage as freight is also possible, but you have to pick it up at the station. The service is available to both folding bikes and non-folding bikes.

⦁ Available at below train stations: Keelung / Songshan / Wanhua / Shulin / Hsinchu / Miaoli / Taichung / Chiayi / Tainan / Fenshan (Kaoshiung) / Pingtung / Yilan / Luodong / Hualien / Fenling / Ruisui / Yuli / Guanshan / Taitung.

⦁ Both the departure and arrival station should be in the listed stations above.

⦁ Apply for the luggage transfer service in the Luggage Service Room at the departing station.

The luggage size cannot exceed 2 meters in length or 2 meters in width. It must be less than 1 cubic meter in size and not exceed 30 kilograms per package.

⦁ If you have a valid train ticket on the same day or the next day, you can get a 50% discount for this transfer service.

⦁ You have to pick up your luggage and/or bicycle within 2 days after arrival at your destination. Otherwise, you will have to pay an extra storage fee at NTD$ 50 per day.