Emerald (Feicui) Valley

Feicui Valley – an easy and enjoyable route to a natural swimming pool

The route starts from an old bat-filled Japanese era tunnel. It’s not long but it’s still dark so it’s recommended to bring a flashlight. After going through the tunnel, you have to walk down a small path along the river. The path offers you great views over the river and the mountains besides it. At the end of this part you’ll find a man-made waterfall, where you can bump into some locals relaxing and barbecuing. The place is also beautiful, but it pays off to continue upwards towards the natural waterfall.

From the man-made waterfall take the path up and follow the red marks on the trees. Don’t go down at any point. The area is lined with tree roots that are wrapped around big boulders. It’s a must-see. The path is quite rocky but still easy to walk.

When the path ends, you need to cross the river. Just take your shoes off and jump from one rock to another, and you’ll reach the trail on the other side in no time. Only 20 meters more and you will reach the pool! The beautiful blue natural swimming pool is a perfect place for a lunch, taking a dip, and relaxing before going back.

The trace is not too difficult, with the options to either climb through the rushing river and small waterfalls or to simply walk along the path if you’d prefer. On Sundays the place is quite crowded so be there early.