Applying the permits for hiking in Taiwan’s national parks

How to apply for a permit for Zhuilu Old Trail?

Before setting off for your adventures in the gorgeous national parks of Taiwan, remember to check if the route you’ve chosen requires either a park permit or mountain permit to enter. The permit system is a bit confusing; sometimes you only need one permit and other times you need two.

As a simple rule, most of the top 100 mountains and popular trails like the Walami and Zhuilu trails will require a permit. Not having the permit can result in being asked to leave the park, not being allowed to enter the trail, or being fined. It’s not very difficult to arrange so there is no excuse for not having a permit if it’s required.

There are two kinds of permits – Park Permits and Mountain Permits. Park Permits are issued by national park administrative, and you need to apply for it if you’re doing a hike in a national park. Mountain Permits are issued by police and are the basic permits that you need when entering the mountain area (not only in national parks). If you start preparing for your trip early enough, the process should be pretty simple and straight forward.

You can apply for both permits online. The application period starts one month before the planned hiking day so you should do it as soon as possible. Taking Zhuilu Old Trail for example, there are 96 park permits available on weekdays and 156 park permits available on holidays. Deadline for online applications of park permits is before 10 am on the last working day before your hike, and the application system is open between 7am and 11pm. There is no capacity limit for the mountain permit, but you should get the park permit first if the trail requires both permits to enter, then you can apply for the mountain permit. This permit needs to be applied at least 5 days before the hike. It is really important to know since you cannot enter some of the trails without either of the tow permits. If you didn’t manage to apply for the mountain permit online, you can apply for it in person at the police station in or near the National Parks.

Apply Park Permit for Zhiulu Old Trail

Online application

Click Trails, Campgrounds and Bed Availability

→ Taroko Trails Availability

→ Choose the right trail, in this case Zhuilu Old Trail. There will be Holiday and Non-holiday quotas that are for Zhuilu trail: 96 for non-holiday and 156 for holiday.

→ When you choose the right trail, the calendar will open. You will see how many permits are remaining for that day. Choose the right day, and you will see the names of those whose applications have been approved.

→ Click application for admission on the left.

→ Tick the boxes after reading the regulations. Fill in the information about your group and your route. Remember that you have to have a Taiwanese emergency contact and emergency coordinator. You can have a staff member at the hotel or guest house you’re staying act as your local contact if they agree to it. Actually, any Taiwanese citizen or permanent resident can act as your contact/guide. If you don’t have any such contact, you will need to book a tour.

Enter the Route Plan: Zhuilu Suspension Bridge→Badagan Outpost→Cliff Outpost→Badagan Outpost→Zhuilu Suspension Bridge. Then press “End a Day”.

Submit your application after you complete all the information required. You’ll receive a confirmation shortly thereafter. After that, check the calendar to make sure that your name is on the list.

→ When your permit is granted, you will receive another email with a pdf-permit to print. Print two copies.

Apply Mountain Permit for Zhiulu Old Trail

When you have gotten the park permit, you can easily apply for the mountain permit online.

Just go to

Click Online Application and then Check Status/Print Permit/Apply Mountain Permit.

Use your application number (you can check it in the email) and passport number. You’ll see the information about the permit. Next, click the ”Apply Mountain Permit” button.

After you do, you’ll get an email confirmation for the application and a following another e-mail few days later for the pdf-permit. Print 2 copies of these documents, too.

If you’d like to do the whole process online, you should allow at least one week for it. Otherwise, apply for the park permit online and then the mountain permit at the nearest police station. The second option will require at least two stops on the way to Zhuilu Old Trail.

Remember. To enter Zhuilu Trail, it costs NTD$200 for adults and NTD$100 for children 6-12 years of age.

The process will be very similar for Walami Trail, except you need to check “Yushan National Park” for availability and to get the application.