Sanzhan North Creek

Sanzhan North Creek – an easy river trek to a deep blue pool

Sanzhan North Creek is located only 15 km north from Hualien so it is possible to go there by bicycle or car. The route starts from a private parking lot in Sanzhan village near the northern branch of the river. Look for where there is an excess of poultry being kept. Start there. There is a small box in the building you have to leave NTD$100 if you want to park your car there.

You have to walk along the road about hundred meters before reaching the trail head. It is very easy to follow since it goes directly along the river. On the way you will encounter many animals, including monkeys playing on trees. There will also be many colorful large butterflies flying from flower to flower.

At the end of the path, you will begin tracing the river. The route is quite easy since there isn’t much climbing or jumping from one rock to another. Still, you need to be careful, especially if you are not wearing a helmet.

The terrain on the river bed is quite varied. Sometimes you have to walk or swim in the water. Other times, you will have to climb over huge boulders. In Sanzhan Creek you will be able to spot some cool marble patterned rocks in different colors. There are also some smaller pools along the way you can take a dip in if you want.

After about an hour of walking, you’ll reach a big pool full of turquoise blue water. It is so rewarding to dive in after hiking! You can also try jumping in from the cliff above, but be careful since there are some big rocks at the bottom. By the pool, there is a flat place for cooking lunch or having some snacks. Feel free to use it.

If you are an experienced river trekker, you can continue tracing the river about two hours more until you reach the main waterfall. If you are not an experienced though, don’t continue. It can get quite difficult.