Liqin Waterfall

Liqin Waterfall – a hidden gem for river tracers in Taroko National Park

The route starts by the Ningan Bridge near an old abandoned tunnel opposite the bridge. You can enjoy the cool air and tranquility of the tunnel on the way and also spot some bats hanging from the ceiling as you walk through it. The path through the tunnel is not quite level and occasionally rocky so it’s good to bring a flashlight for your safety.

The hiking route goes through another tunnel, at which point you come to a pool with clear cool water. Take a refreshing and rest before continuing. After the pool, there is a cliff you will need to climb. It’s recommended to use ropes at this point to make the ascent easier.

After the climbing, it takes about one hour to get to the waterfall. There are couple of spots where you will really need to use your muscles to get up to smaller pools. Just the right amount of excitement and fun! Before arriving to the main waterfall, you need to take the path that goes along the river, but be careful. The rocks in that area can be quite loose, and it’s easy to slip and fall.

The river is gorgeous. You can see how the crystal clear streaming water has softly molded all the rocks and boulders. There are couple of spots where you can jump in the upper pool or just relax and swim in the lower pool instead. It’s also a very scenic place to cook lunch.

After having a lunch beside the pool and a quick nap on a sun warmed rock, you can trace back down the river on the same route. Remember to take all the garbage out with you, and be extra careful descending on the rocky slopes.

Liqin Waterfall river tracing definitely is an amazing adventure and is a must-do for those who have moderate fitness level, some climbing skills, and who want to experience Taroko Gorge off the beaten path!